Dr Rob Smith


At very low temperatures the properties of ordinary metals are governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. In fact measuring electrical resistance in this situation can be viewed as carrying out a quantum scattering experiment with waves of electrons. I am interested in how the properties of various conducting systems are affected by (ever-present) impurities and the repulsion between electrons due to their charge. The amazing ability of experimentalists to fabricate structures in three, two, one and even zero dimensions makes it possible to investigate the physics of disordered interacting systems. More details »


I currently teach three courses covering topics in both mathematics and physics. I teach a first year mathematics course which extends the calculus methods first met at A-level, and applies them to problems in physics. In my second year course called Eigenphysics, I develop the mathematical ideas and techniques needed in quantum mechanics. Finally I use these ideas in my fourth year advanced quantum mechanics course, where the strange physics of antiparticles and spin is shown to emerge from the marriage of quantum mechanics and special relativityEnter brief summary here. More details »

Rob Smith

Senior Lecturer

Director of Learning and Teaching

+44 (0)121 414 4589
Room 411, Physics East