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Andy Schofield's publication list is perodically updated. There are several external resources to track publications:

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Selected Publications

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  • [DOI] [arXiv] Probing Spin-Charge Separation in a Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid

    Y Jompol, CJB Ford, JP Griffiths, I Farrer, GAC Jones, D Anderson, DA Ritchie, TW Silk, AJ Schofield

    Science 325, 597-601 (2009)

  • [DOI] [Open Access] Disorder-Sensitive Phase Formation Linked to Metamagnetic Quantum Criticality

    SA Grigera, P Gegenwart, RA Borzi, F Weickert, AJ Schofield, RS Perry, T Tayama, T Sakakibara, Y Maeno, AG Green, AP Mackenzie

    Science 306, 1154-1157 (2004)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] [Open Access] Quantum Criticality

    P Coleman, AJ Schofield

    Nature 433, 226 (2005)

  • [DOI] [Open Access] Magnetic Field-tuned quantum criticality in the metallic ruthenate Sr3Ru207

    SA Grigera, RS Perry, AJ Schofield, M Chiao, SR Julian, GG Lonzarich, I Ikeda, Y Maeno

    Science 294, 329-332 (2001)

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