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  • [DOI] The Emergent and Hidden Unveiled

    AJ Schofield

    Nature 465, 553-554 (2010)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Quantum criticality and novel phases: Summary and outlook

    AJ Schofield

    physica status solidi (b) 247, 563-569 (2010)

  • [DOI] Ca3Ru2O7: Density Wave Formation and Quantum Oscillations in the Hall Resistivity

    N Kikugawa, AW Rost, CW Hicks, AJ Schofield, AP Mackenzie

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 79, 024704 (2010)

  • [DOI] There and back again: from magnets to superconductors

    AJ Schofield

    Physics 2, 93 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Probing Spin-Charge Separation in a Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid

    Y Jompol, CJB Ford, JP Griffiths, I Farrer, GAC Jones, D Anderson, DA Ritchie, TW Silk, AJ Schofield

    Science 325, 597-601 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Out-of-plane thermopower of strongly correlated layered systems: An application to Bi2(Sr,La)2CaCu2O8+δ

    TW Silk, I Terasaki, T Fujii, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 79, 134527 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Precursor state to superconductivity in CeIrIn5: Unusual scaling of magnetotransport

    S Nair, M Nicklas, F Steglich, JL Sarrao, JD Thompson, AJ Schofield, S Wirth

    Physical Review B 79, 094501 (2009)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Effect of disorder on a Pomeranchuk instability

    AF Ho, AJ Schofield

    EPL 84, 27007 (2008)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Pomeranchuk instability: Symmetry-breaking and experimental signatures

    J Quintanilla, C Hooley, B Powell, AJ Schofield, MS Haque

    Physica B: Condensed Matter 403, 1279-1281 (2008)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Probing e–e interactions in a periodic array of GaAs quantum wires

    AJ Schofield, TW Silk, C Ford, Y Jompol, I Farrer, G Jones, D Anderson, D Ritchie

    Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 40, 1220-1222 (2008)

  • [DOI] Spin dynamics in Sr3Ru2O7 near the metamagnetic transition by inelastic neutron scattering

    S Ramos, EM Forgan, C Bowell, SM Hayden, AJ Schofield, A Wildes, EA Yelland, SP Brown, M Laver, RS Perry, Y Maeno

    Physica B: Condensed Matter 403, 1270-1272 (2008)

  • [DOI] Physics - Two for the price of one

    AJ Schofield

    Science 315, 945-946 (2007)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Pomeranchuk and topological Fermi surface instabilities from central interactions

    J Quintanilla, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 74, 115126 (2006)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Breakdown of weak-field magnetotransport at a metallic quantum critical point

    JJ Fenton, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review Letters 95, 247201 (2005)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] [Open Access] Quantum Criticality

    P Coleman, AJ Schofield

    Nature 433, 226 (2005)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Transport anomalies in a simplified model for a heavy electron quantum critical point

    P Coleman, JB Marston, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 72, 245111 (2005)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] c-axis transport in highly anisotropic metals: role of small polarons

    AFC Ho, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 71, 045101 (2005)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Phase diagram and quasiparticle properties of the Hubbard model within cluster two-site dynamical mean-field theory

    EC Carter, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 70, 045107 (2004)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Momentum-resolved tunneling between a Luttinger liquid and a two-dimensional electron gas

    SA Grigera, AJ Schofield, S Rabello, Q Si

    Physical Review B 69, 245109 (2004)

  • [DOI] [Open Access] Disorder-Sensitive Phase Formation Linked to Metamagnetic Quantum Criticality

    SA Grigera, P Gegenwart, RA Borzi, F Weickert, AJ Schofield, RS Perry, T Tayama, T Sakakibara, Y Maeno, AG Green, AP Mackenzie

    Science 306, 1154-1157 (2004)

  • Transition time for metals

    AJ Schofield

    Physics World 16(12), 22 (2003)

  • Quantum criticality in metals

    AJ Schofield

    Physics World 16(8), 23 (2003)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Ferromagnetic superconductivity driven by changing Fermi surface topology

    KG Sandeman, GG Lonzarich, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review Letters 90, 167005 (2003)

  • [Open Access] One hump or two? Stoner's camel as a model of UGe2

    KG Sandeman, GG Lonzarich, AJ Schofield

    Acta Physica Polonica B 34, 511-514 (2003)

  • [arXiv] Non-Fermi liquid behavior and superconductivity in the dissipative model

    PC Howell, AJ Schofield

    arXiv preprint: cond-mat/0103191 , (2003)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Small-angle scattering in a marginal Fermi liquid

    EC Carter, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 66, 241102 (2002)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Metamagnetic quantum criticality in metals

    AJ Millis, AJ Schofield, GG Lonzarich, SA Grigera

    Physical Review Letters 88, 217204 (2002)

  • [DOI] Sensitivity to Disorder of the Metallic State in the Ruthenates

    L Capogna, AP Mackenzie, RS Perry, SA Grigera, LM Galvin, P Raychaudhuri, AJ Schofield, CS Alexander, G Cao, SR Julian, Y Maeno

    Physical Review Letters 88, 076602 (2002)

  • [DOI] A Metamagnetic Quantum Critical Endpoint in Sr₃Ru₂0₇

    SA Grigera, AP Mackenzie, AJ Schofield, SR Julian, GG Lonzarich

    International Journal of Modern Physics 16, 3258-3264 (2002)

  • [DOI] [Bham Repository] Ruthenate and Rutheno-Cuprate Materials: Unconventional Superconductivity, Magnetism and Quantum Phase Transitions

    AJ Schofield, AJ Millis, GG Lonzarich, SA Grigera, C Noce (Ed), A Vecchione (Ed), M Cuoco (Ed), A Romano (Ed)

    Springer Lecture Notes in Physics 603, 271 (2002)

  • [DOI] [Open Access] Magnetic Field-tuned quantum criticality in the metallic ruthenate Sr3Ru207

    SA Grigera, RS Perry, AJ Schofield, M Chiao, SR Julian, GG Lonzarich, I Ikeda, Y Maeno

    Science 294, 329-332 (2001)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Metamagnetism and critical fluctuations in high quality single crystals of the bilayer ruthenate Sr3Ru207

    RS Perry, LM Galvin, SA Grigera, L Capogna, AJ Schofield, AP Mackenzie, M Chiao, SR Julian, SI Ikeda, S Nakatsuji, Y Maeno, C Pfleiderer

    Physical Review Letters 86, 2661-2664 (2001)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Model of anisotropic scattering in a quasi-two-dimensional metal

    KG Sandeman, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 63, 094510 (2001)

  • [DOI] Metals without electrons: the physics of exotic quantum fluids

    DKK Lee, AJ Schofield, J Michael, T Thompson

    Visions of the future: Physics and electronics , 17-38 (2001)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Quasilinear magnetoresistance in an almost two-dimensional band structure

    AJ Schofield, JR Cooper

    Physical Review B 62, 10779-10784 (2000)

  • [DOI] Correlated quantum fluids and the search for a new theory of metals

    D Lee, AJ Schofield

    Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences 358, 111-125 (2000)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Magnetotunneling as a probe of Luttinger-liquid behavior

    A Altland, C Barnes, F Hekking, AJ Schofield

    Physical review letters 83, 1203-1206 (1999)

  • [DOI] [Bham Repository] Non-Fermi liquids

    AJ Schofield

    Contemporary Physics 40, 95-115 (1999)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Two lifetimes without a magnetic field in the normal state of cuprate superconductors

    JA Clayhold, ZH Zhang, AJ Schofield

    Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 59, 2114-2117 (1998)

  • Metal-insulator transitions and giant magnetoresistance in perovskite oxides - Discussion

    A Mobius, CNR Rao, AJ Schofield, DM Edwards, AS Alexandrov, JE Enderby

    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series 356, 38-39 (1998)

  • [DOI] Experimental constraints on models of normal-state transport

    JA Clayhold, F Chen, JP McCarten, Z Zhang, AJ Schofield

    Superconducting and Related Oxides: Physics and Nanoengineering III 3481, 24-31 (1998)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] High-field study of normal-state magnetotransport in Tl2Ba2CuO6+delta

    AW Tyler, Y Ando, FF Balakirev, A Passner, GE Boebinger, AJ Schofield, AP Mackenzie, O Laborde

    Physical Review B 57, R728-R731 (1998)

  • [DOI] A Hall effect without well-defined quasiparticles

    JPD TarasSemchuk, JM Wheatley, AJ Schofield

    Zeitschrift Fur Physik B-Condensed Matter 103, 161-164 (1997)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Bosonization in the two-channel Kondo model

    AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 55, 5627-5630 (1997)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] How should we interpret the two transport relaxation times in the cuprates?

    P Coleman, AJ Schofield, AM Tsvelik

    Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 8, 9985-10015 (1996)

  • On the interpretation of the two transport relaxation times in the cuprates

    P Coleman, AJ Schofield, AM Tsvelik

    Journal of the Korean Physical Society 29, S131-S135 (1996)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Phenomenological transport equation for the cuprate metals

    P Coleman, AJ Schofield, AM Tsvelik

    Physical Review Letters 76, 1324-1327 (1996)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Simple Description of the Anisotropic 2-Channel Kondo Problem

    P Coleman, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review Letters 75, 2184-2187 (1995)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Upper Critical-Field in the Gauge-Model

    AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 51, 11733-11738 (1995)

  • [DOI] Hc(2)(T) As A Probe of Anomalous Normal-State Correlations in Cuprates

    R Dias, AJ Schofield, JM Wheatley

    Physica C Superconductivity 235, 2263-2264 (1994)

  • [DOI] Single-Particle Motion in a Random Magnetic-Flux

    G Gavazzi, JM Wheatley, AJ Schofield

    Physical Review B 47, 15170-15176 (1993)

  • [DOI] [arXiv] Combination Rules, Charge Symmetry, and Hall-Effect in Cuprates

    AJ Schofield, JM Wheatley

    Physical Review B 47, 11607-11610 (1993)

  • [DOI] Spin-Charge Coupling in Doped Mott Insulators

    JM Wheatley, AJ Schofield

    International Journal of Modern Physics B 6, 655-679 (1992)

  • [DOI] Diamagnetic Susceptibility of the Infinity-U Hubbard-Model

    AJ Schofield, JM WHEATLEY, T XIANG

    Physical Review B 44, 8349-8352 (1991)

  • [DOI] Projected Fermion Ground-State Ansatz for the S = 1/2 Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnet

    TC Hsu, AJ Schofield

    Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 3, 8067-8078 (1991)