Professor Mike Gunn


Most interesting problems in physics involve many particles, or fields. In my work the particles can be atoms, electrons, photons and sometimes mixtures of these. I try to determine the patterns they form at low temperatures (where quantum mechanics dominates), which might be patterns in space (a simple example would be a crystal lattice) but usually have a pattern in a more exotic sense - in their velocities or correlations between pairs of the particles. Currently the rapid experimental developments in ultracold quantum gases are providing me (along with many other people!) several interesting theoretical problems. More details »


My teaching is mainly in relativity. I enjoy the material which is a mixture of deep concepts and their manifestation in elegant mathematical representation. The problem sheets for my courses always have some examples which stretch even the most able students. The ideas in the course are central to elementary particle physics and much of astrophysics.. More details »

Mike Gunn

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Director of Research, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

+44 (0)121 414 4585
Room 404, Physics East