Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate students in the Theory Group become members of the Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School - known as MPAGS. This is a joint activity under the auspices of the Midlands Physics Alliance - a strategic alliance between us the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham and the Department of Physics of the University of Warwick. There are about 15 to 20 taught modules given each term and many of these are given by Staff in the Theory Group. Postgraduate Research Students will typically take two courses per term in the first year or two of their PhD.

The program of taught modules varies from term to term. The current term's modules are available here. Students can also attend courses from the University of Birmingham's MSci programs (and postgraduate courses provided by the other research groups) covering areas such as General Relativity, Cosmology, Particle Physics etc.

While the current resources are available to students via the MPAGS website, to give a flavour of some of the courses on offer we list some of the courses that have given to our research students here.